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Leather Backpack - Jason Jenkins
Leather Backpack - Jason Jenkins

: $170.00


-Handmade leather backpack crafted by Jason Jenkins, a TFC student from West Africa.
-Full back pack is made out of Tennessee Whiskey Tanned Cow Hide
-Features stitched on leather Africa from the skin of a South African boa constrictor
-Hand Stitched
-Features para cord draw string
-Jason Jenkins has been making leather products for 11 years along with his brother. Their website JeremyJLeather.com features more options and styles of this back pack and similar products. The Jenkins brothers offer 10% of their profits to those who reference or advertise their website listed above (for details on how that works, visit the website).
-Contact Jason Jenkins at 603 380 4882 if you are interested in a custom design leather product.