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As Eagles Fly
As Eagles Fly

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The most majestic of all birds is the eagle. Known for achieving great heights, the eagle soars above the earth unencumbered and unconcerned about what’s happening on the ground. It flies toward places too high and unattainable for any other of God’s creation.
In God’s Word, we are encouraged to let our hearts soar spiritually to heights above painful experiences, sorrow, and disappointments. That is the message of this book.

Everyone needs encouragement, hope, and comfort as the events of life unfold. Sometimes, we need a reminder that God is watching over us and has His arms outstretched to us always. Sometimes, we need to choose between where we are and where we need to go spiritually and emotionally. The free verse poems in AS EAGLES FLY are written as a suggestion of how high we may aspire to go if we break free of feelings and attitudes that would keep us looking down.

“Patricia and Sharron have hit the mark! These poems inspire one to look up and live above the adversities that inevitably come our way. They go right to the heart and bring a unique perspective to life in this modern world. The collection ought to carry a by-line from Philippians 4:8: ‘...think on these things.’”
--Sam Brockway, Pastor, Fortress Fellowship, Lawrenceville, Georgia

Patricia McKay and Sharron McKee, both retired educators, collaborated in the writing of this book of free verse poems because of their shared heart desire to instruct and encourage Christians to live above the circumstances of life.