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A Guide to Holiness
A Guide to Holiness

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At first glance, the biblical book of Leviticus appears to be a meticulously boring delineation of ancient tribal superstitions in the Mideast. Concealed under the multiple details, however, are sparkling gems never discovered by the cursory reader. This is the reason I am excited about this new volume. The biblical book opens up with new luster. Pearls smile at us from every stone the author turns. Jewels leap up with wisdom for our minds and richness for our lives. Here we glimpse something of the ornamental nature of God and His relation with humankind. Nuggets of gold await those who read! John Schultz is uniquely equipped to be the author. He is a scholar, a linguist who is fluent in several languages, a teacher of pas- tors and Christian workers in Asia, Europe and America. The saga of his life trails through Nazi occupation in Europe and illiterate stone-age people groups in the South Pacific. Schultz’ earlier books have brought special blessing to many persons.