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The Whisper

: $12.99



Pastor Andre Michael Lansing still struggles with the loss of his daughter to a car accident. He and his wife, Sophia, have trouble letting go of their grief and decide that a new start in a new city may be for the best. They move to the Town, where Andre works hard to serve his church and his congregation.

But an abusive husband has the good pastor in his sights. The man, whose name is Whitlock, manipulates his wife into making false allegations of sexual indecency toward Andre, and the situation escalates when members of Andre’s church start to believe the couple’s claims. The pressure is too much for Andre, and he runs—from the Town, and from God Himself. Andre struggles through his feelings of fear, anger, and doubt—emotions that push him to make irrational decisions. Even so, Andre refuses to turn back to God.

Like Jonah, however, in his flight, he finds his way back to God, who brings three men into his life and uses them to help Andre work through the obstacles that have kept him from truly knowing God. The pastor must learn that sometimes we must be completely broken in order to hear the quite whisper of the Lord.

“Mitch Schultz has written a compelling novel.”

—The Reverend Doctor Dennis R. Maynard, Episkopols.com and popular author of When Sheep Attack!